Couple Quotes :

HONESTY ALERT Its about to get real. Im trying this new thing called being satisfied. And its a struggle. . Im mostly competitive with myself but I also compare myself to others a lot. I think it comes with the territory of working in the social media space but I realize its a completely normal feeling for everyone these days. Because of my job/my blog I want to be trendy and I want people to follow me and I want to portray a cool effortless life. But its not effortless I struggle. And Im definitely not cool. . I find myself comparing my life (& my Instagram life) to others lives. How nice it must be to buy full-price Lululemon how nice it must be to blog for a living how nice it must be to work out and get fit without limiting milkshakes and brownies and banana pudding. The last one was completely just an example… . Its not jealousy because I feel sincerely happy for other people. But Id be lying if I didnt ask myself/the universe why I dont deserve these things everyone else has. Sometimes I ask myself why I have to work so hard to get half of what seems to come so easily to other people. And that feeling of wanting more and more is exhausting. . Lately Ive challenged myself to look at what I have and where I am and be thankful every single day. I have my whole life to have everything I want. Yea my mom and dad told me this growing up but its still hard to remember. Im only 28. And Ive heard that 28 is the new 24 or something so Im practically only out of college right? . All this to say dont give up on your dreams even if they take awhile. Every day before you go to bed tell yourself just one thing you are grateful for. Thank the universe for one thing it provided that day. Then go to bed happy. And satisfied. Because we only got one life and we shouldnt be living it competing to have what everyone else has.